Introduce what is export and why an export consultant can help.
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About Export

What is “EXPORT”?

Traditionally Export means “A product or service sold abroad” (Oxford Dictionary).

Recently, Export means Goods or services purchased by foreign citizens.  It can be purchased online or purchased by foreign tourists from the local shops. Many countries classify tourism as an export industry. Tourism is New Zealand largest export industry and the Australian 2nd largest export industry after Iron & Coal.

The differences between export and domestic sales are “Location” and “People”.

  • Location: Transport, tariff, import regulations and distribution channels.  
  • People: Culture, language, social, business and political systems.

While the location is easier to overcome the people is harder to understand. To be successful in the export business, you need to:

– Know Your Foreign Customers –

Export Consultant Mission:

Link Asia – Win & Keep Asian Clients

Our export consultant worked in China, Japan, Singapore and Australia across tourism, education and international market development over the past 25 years with many successful stories. Our goal is to help you win & keep Asian clients for your products and services in Asia and around your business.

You know your business, we know your customers. We speak their languages (Chinese & Japanese) and we know their business culture as well.

If you tell us your export goal we will find the solutions for you.

We do not promise you quick export sales, we help you:

  • Creat a sustainable export strategy and an actionable export plan.
  • Build a solid export distribution network that ensure your export business grows organically in these markets.
  • Pitch local Asian consumers around your business.
  • Bridge the gaps between the needs of Asian consumers and the capacity of Australian businesses.

For many businesses, it is not easy to develop export markets. However, the results are rewarding.

If you do not try, you will never get it.

Now you know us and it is time to ask yourself three questions:

1. Why do you need an export consultant? The answer is here.
2. How can an export consultant help you? The answer is here.
3. What is the value of an export consultant for you? The answer is here.

Let’s work together and make it happen.

Please tell us more about you.