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11.11 Online Shopping or On-feet Drinking?

11.11 What does this mean to you? It is 11 November – the biggest online shopping day in China and a traditional Tachinomi (drink on your feet) day in Japan. 11.11 should we online shopping or on-feet drinking?

Let’s have a look at the one day (11.11) in this two big Asian countries.

Single Shopping Day in China:

According to the media, Alibaba announced US$25.3B of sales on 11.11 2017 though Alipay. The sales increased 39% than last year. There is also a new name for 11.11 – GSF (Global Shopping Festival). It is no more a single shopping day in China, it has become a global shopping festival. There are 60,000 international brands and merchants joined this GSF and 225 countries and areas had completed transactions on Alibaba platform.

Not only Alibaba, and other Commerce companies also joined the GSF. made US$19B sales this year. These two giants made USD34B sales in 24 hours!

The Black Friday made USD 7.9B sales this year, a big increase than last year but compare with Alibaba and, this is less than a quarter.

It was said that some poor and single young bachelors of Nanjing University created this “Single Day” in 1993 to celebrate “singleton”. These single bachelors party with single friends for blind-date. In Chinese, it is called “单身节”(dān shēn jié) or 光棍节(guāng gùn jié).

In 2009, Jack Ma’s Taobao (Alibaba’s online shopping platform) started 11.11 shopping day to offer big discount in one day. There were only 27 shops offered discount in the first year. However, 11.11 now became the biggest single day shopping festival on the globe and more and more companies are joining the “one day crazy sale”.

In fact, 11.11 has become such a big shopping phenomena that a new vocabulary was created – “剁手党”(duò shǒu dǎng) to describe people who are online shopaholic. If you want to know more about ““剁手党”(duò shǒu dǎng), please visit Lyrebird Language Centre’s Facebook post.

This one-day shopping festival also caused big concern about the damage to the environment – packaging material, delivery and waste. According to one research

Damage of over package

Over packaging

Drink on Feet in Japan:

In Japan, however, people celebrating 11.11 by going to stand-up bars and eateries to celebrate 立飲み(Tachinomi – Drink on your feet) . Japanese believe 11.11 looks like two legs or a pair of chopsticks.

Tachinomi - On-feet drinking

Tachinomi – On-feet drinking

(Customers eating soba and udon noodles at a stand-up noodle shop called “Tachigui Soba” in Tokyo, Japan, Sept 26, 2017. – Reuters/Issei Kato. Read more)

Instead of shopping on line it is better to shop at the local shops and communicate with real people.

Don’t chop-off your hand when regret shopping online, think on your feet so you can land on your feet.

Try Tachinomi (On-feet Drinking) when you are in Japan.


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