Describe the export services and methodology.
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Export Services

Export services:

  1. Conduct export market research and analysis
  2. Investigate foreign trade regulation and tariff
  3. Compose export strategy based on solid data research
  4. Create a business plan for export market development
  5. Review your current export markets and help grow your existing export sales.
  6. Assist with export trade shows
  7. Set up an export distribution network
  8. Promote your business and products in Chinese & Japanese languages (Website, flyers and digital marketing).

Key industries:

  • Food manufacturers, especially for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise)
  • Tourism
  • Education


Our LATTE approach below will help you win and keep Asian clients:

  • Listen first: Different businesses have different export strategies. We listen to your needs first and also help you listen to your customers’ needs and wants.
  • Asking second: The best way to gain deep insight into your business and to fully understand your customers is to ask questions. Our systematic questions will help you understand your business and your consumers better.
  • Thinking together: Based on the data and information we collected from above, we will think together to form an actionable export strategy.
  • Transform: Help you implement the export strategy and build up a sustainable export business.
  • Engagement: Export takes time, we work with you to continuously improve export business.

Contact us and we will open the export markets for you.