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How to pitch Asian Consumers?

Australia is the closest Western countries to Asia, and we are in the Asian Century (‘Australia in the Asian Century’ White Paper). For many Australian businesses, Asian is a big market. But how to pitch Asian consumers for your products or services is a question. This question is especially critical for SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) because they don’t have the experience and resources and most of them think Export is too hard.

In fact, export is not so hard and there are many SMEs conduct export business. Please see my answer to “Should SME export?“. But how to export and pitch Asian clients?

I spoke at Moreton Bay Region Food & Agribusiness Cluster about “PITCH YOUR PRODUCTS TO ASIAN CONSUMERS” on 7 September. I will share with you an outline about how to start your export business in three steps and pitch your Asian clients.

Firstly, let’s clear the concept of “Export”.

Traditionally Export means “A product or service sold abroad” (Oxford Dictionary).

Recently, Export means “Goods or Services purchased by foreign citizens”. It can be purchased online or purchased by foreign tourists from the local shops. Many countries classify tourism as an export industry. Tourism is New Zealand largest export industry and the Australian’s 2nd largest export industry after Iron & Coal.

What is the difference between the local market and the export market then? The differences between export and local markets are “Location” and “People”. Location is easier, there are many logistic companies and Custom agents can help with transport and Custom clearance; People is the key difference. You must know your Asian consumers.

You can start your export business in three channels:

1. Online – Export from your computer

2. Cross border –Export from your door step (Tourists and Dai Gou)

3. Overseas markets –Export market development

In my presentation, we discussed different ways to pitch Asian consumers:

  • Where are your export markets and how to find your consumers?
    – Fishing where the fishes are.
  • What do overseas products Chinese and Japanese buy online?
    – Prepare your baits.
  • Where do they buy online?
    – Chose the correct platform to sell.
  • What do Chinese tourists spend on and how to use Daigou?
    – Export from your doorstep.
  • How to communicate with your Asian consumer on social media?
    – Facebook has no face in China. We chat (WeChat).
  • How to start export?
    – Three steps to develop your export market and where to find government grants.

Should you want to know more, please submit here for a copy.

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